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Lead Conversion Mastery

Career-defining question for ISAs, real estate agents and those responsible for hiring them who constantly feel the financial strain of being...


If there was a predictable, step-by-step method for learning how to generate a steady surge of leads and naturally move those leads to a "Hell Yeah! I'll book an appointment with you"...


...would you finally feel confident that you could double your appointments, add 50 deals to your year, and get to the 6-figure Promised Land you dreamed of when you first started this whole real estate thing?

Anything short of an enthusiastic head nodding up-and-down "Yes!", is the surest way to find yourself - blood pressure spiked to the max - swerving onto the exit ramp of this industry... industry that claims 87% of its agents within the first five years.


Real estate holds an unforgiving mirror up to the eyes of agents and ISAs.


The money in your bank account is a direct reflection of your performance.


Straight. Commission.


At any given time - you can easily "check-in," peek behind the curtain of your bank account and see how you're doing. 


You are either slaying it. Or, you are the one getting slayed.


The job requires you to be on a constant hunt for new business. Constantly talking to scores of people. And, if that wasn't enough...


...a spine-tingling, headache-inducing roller-coaster pay scale - flush one month, paying bills with credit cards the next.


Even when you have a deal on the table, a ton of things can go wrong.  


"Stuff" happens. Leaks happen. A house needs to pass inspection. Constant negotiating throughout the entire process.


Yet, while juggling all of this - you have to try and pacify a pitch-fork wielding mob of inner voices screaming "Why aren't you making phone calls? You NEED to make more calls!"


Why can't this be easy?


I don't point out this "obvious" fact to make you feel bad, doubt yourself even more, or to turn the screws of your frustration even tighter.


Well then, why am I telling you this? 


Once upon a time...


Many years ago, I found myself hurtling towards the exit ramp of real estate. 


I was newly married with a second child on the way.


And this real estate "thing" wasn't working out at all!


As a matter of fact, I was teetering on the verge of a financial wipeout.




...I did something unexpected.


I had just closed a few deals (not enough to pay all the past due bills) and decided to use some of the cash to pay for coaching.


My wife thought I was a total idiot for spending money we didn't have on coaching. (Side note: most of the time she is right.)


But I probably would've washed out of this business if I hadn't hired a coaching company.


They held me accountable. They taught me exactly what to do. 


My coaches were of the "Old School." Meaning they were the "kick-down-the-door," hold the client down on the couch - kicking and screaming - until they signed kind of teachers.


My coaches kept me alive. 


However, it wasn't easy. It sure as hell wasn't fun. And I'm sure it wasn't easy, fun or enjoyable for my clients. 


After a little while - my bank account was flush with a dozen deals. My wife and I gave each other that "we made it" look. You know...the look opposite to the one she used to give me every time I played eeny, meeny, miny, moe with our monthly bills.


I invested more money in training. Read every book on real estate, lead generation and negotiation. Attended dozens of seminars. Bought all the CDs. (Yes, they were still selling those at the time.)


By the time I was finished...I was crushing deal after deal. 


It wasn't long before I moved beyond the initial "Old School" training.  I now see real estate and client work as an enjoyable process. A process where I no longer sit across the table from a client but, instead, sit right next to them as a partner.


I created a system that I was able to replicate with other ISAs and real estate agents. A system that, if the agent were open-minded and hungry for success, would give them a masters-level savvy and guarantee them massive financial rewards.


It wasn't long before I was making waves in the industry. 


I was hired to coach agents one-on-one and to teach teams at different offices. Transforming teams - almost overnight - who were merely getting by with ho-hum sales, to blasting past previous targets and closing millions of dollars in deals. 


1. Being successful in real estate DOES NOT require you to be a hardcore salesperson.


Long gone are my days of using the "Old School" method. The system I eventually adopted - the one that opened the door to financial freedom for me - was devoid of the usual robotic scripts and hard sell pressure tactics.


The techniques I use are for anyone, especially if you like people.


It's time to start having comfortable conversations with leads.


Conversations where you don't have to be slick, snarky and ready with a snappy comeback.


2. Not ALL of your leads are bad.


It's not your fault that you haven't been eager to make a ton of calls. 


After all,  who wants to start their day with smile, dial, and make a pile? (Thanks, but no thanks.)


Instead, it would be best if you learned to engineer genuine rapport and have conversations that flow naturally and move the prospect quickly to a conversion. 


The truth is that your leads are an untapped resource. A hidden fortune is waiting for you if only you'd implement the right system.


3. It should be easier. 


I know the feeling. It's tempting to think that studying and hearing theory is enough to take you to the next level.


It's not true.


Here's the thing: I found my life didn't change until I had a system that I could implement and use daily.


And, of course, accountability to keep me on track. 


The Most Profitable Question You'll Ever Ask


Ever stop to wonder why some ISAs and real estate agents can boast of higher conversion rates leading to bigger commissions, while other agents sputter out and leave the industry?


What is it about them that makes their efforts more effective? 


And, more importantly (and lucratively)...


How can you replicate their success?


That was the biggest question I had circling my grey matter as I developed my system all those years ago.


Traditional tactics like using scripts can help, but customers have become more resistant to salespeople and telemarketers.  


Even worse, nearly every agency has its people making the same calls, using the same scripts. Customers are burnt out from this approach.


However, what if we saw ourselves NOT as salespeople and marketers...


But we viewed our relationship with leads as a collaboration, a partnership?


A partnership that built natural rapport, moved a lead seamlessly to an appointment, and then to a contract?


With that aim in mind, I brought my system to a format where you don't have to feel powerless over the most critical and profitable function of growing your real estate career....generating and converting leads.


You now can have the confidence to know exactly what you should do, how to scale your career faster and make more money each year.




Dale Archdekin

Meet Dale,

Founder, Smart Inside Sales

  • Former Lead Gen Director for Top 5 KW Expansion Team 

  • Averaged over $400MM in volume & over 600 units sold. 

  • Private thousand-$ an hour coach to top teams and brokers 

  • Public speaker with Lab Coat Agents

  • Featured author by Inman News and Realtor Magazine. 

The way you guys have boiled down objection handling to a science is spot on.

Rokrbox ISA Team

I require all of my agents to go through Conversion University as a key part of my 30-60-90 day onboarding plan.

Michael Bounds

CEO Thrive Real Estate




The Seven-Figure Agent Edition

The most insanely comprehensive, ROI-focused ISA and real estate agent training on the planet, engineered to make EVERY aspect of your lead generation, appointment setting and deal closing more profitable from Day 1.


Let's get this out of the way. Conversion U. is not for the faint of heart. It's a full spectrum master's level training for any agent responsible for generating leads and closing them. 


Within seconds of enrolling, you'll get immediate access to: 

  • The Complete 9 Module Program from foundations to conversations to mindset to closing....and, more

  • 30+ hours of live call reviews with Dale's after-action assessment (hear dozens and dozens of actual calls, every situation - the wins, the losses, and the oh-so-close ones) 

  • Access to over 120 role-play sessions (every aspect of a call practiced and analyzed)

  • 2 LIVE coaching calls per week with top-level lead conversion coaches.

All pooling together to give you results-based mastery over EVERY aspect of lead generation and deal closing that matters.


Generate More Leads, Set More Appointments and Close More Deals

Module 1: Foundation

In this module, we'll introduce you to how successful ISAs and real estate agents organize their day, the different types of leads and the #1 trap to AVOID when interacting with leads. With this module, you'll hit the ground running - ready to generate leads, generate appointments and start killing it with conversions.

Module 2: Lead Assembly Line

Discover the metrics that matter. How many contacts per day do you need to GUARANTEE your results?  You'll learn how to set targets, analyze your lead generation progress and adjust. Knowing the right metrics to track can make or break your 6-figure year.

Module 3: Conversation Principles

We'll dive into the ninja tricks that will make it super easy to have natural conversion-worthy conversations. This module alone is worth its weight in gold and is sure to produce WAY better conversations and appointments.

Module 4: Scripts!

Within seconds of ordering you get our complete Smart Inside Sales Script Manual. This script manual is much different from anything you have ever seen. No more memorizing script line after script line. Instead, use the key to navigate seamlessly on a call. These scripts will have you confidently nailing cold calls within days.

Module 5: Objection Handling

By this module, you'll clearly see what's been getting in the way of you booking solid appointments - and you'll be ready to handle any objection ripped your way. 

Module 6: Closing Principles

In this module, prospecting leads gets exciting. You've conquered the foundational stuff - and now you can apply 10x closing techniques, like the 3-different levels of a lead, and become unbelievable devastating when it counts.

Module 7: Personality Types

As an agent, your ability to develop close, personal connections with leads can make or break your career. First, we will dive into the common personality types you will encounter while calling leads. Then - and this is where things get interesting - you'll discover your personality profile and how best to optimize that knowledge into cash. 

Module 8: Mindset

Discover a deeply hidden truth that pervades all aspects of your life. You want to hit 6-figures as an ISA or real estate agent? Well, then, you need to know what's taught in this module. Want to achieve personal goals outside of real estate, free yourself from self-imposed limitations? Then, you need the lessons in this module. There is only ONE thing that truly separates those who are successful from those who are not - it's MINDSET. 

Module 9: Time Management

This is where you bring it allll together. You've built the foundation, strengthened your conversation skills, acquired new closing weapons in your arsenal, studied your prospects and yourself. Now - bring all your new talents into a framework that maximizes your results.

Exclusive Bonus #1

Full Access to

Role-Play Library

Over 70+ hours of bonus training with other students. Watch as Dale works with other students and shows them how to transform ordinary, boring conversations into profitable ones.

Exclusive Bonus #2

Full Access to

Call Review Session Library

Listen to real calls with real leads. This over-the-shoulder tutorial uses actual calls to teach, then Dale comes in with each student and offers guidance and advice. (Nothing beats learning from real-life examples.)

Exclusive Bonus #3

3 Months of LIVE

Role-Play and Call Review


What's it like to have access to a $1,000 an hour coach? Well, you get to find out. It's your turn to work with Dale. Join Dale and other students to practice your skills. Dale gives you specific advice based upon your strengths and weaknesses. Have any sticking points? Work with Dale; he'll help you fix them. 

Exclusive Bonus #4

Facebook Members Only

"Inner Circle"

Our private forum is where you get to hang with the other students and have direct access to Dale. Have a question? Confused? Looking for advice from other professionals or Dale? Hop in the group and say "Hi!" 

C.U. has helped me create easy flowing conversations...better understand objections to best help me solve their issues and give them what they need.

Ryan Sherill

ISA The Edge Group

Conversion University has allowed me to get new hires (ISAs) on the phone in 2 weeks when it used to take a month.

Cain Cuninghame

Dir. Lead Gen. Atlantic Sotheby's Intl.

Learn. Test. Convert.

The best part about Conversion U is that you don't have to wait months or years before maybe seeing results.


Will you be prospecting next week? See if you can use the Smart Inside Sales scripts to boost your conversations immediately. As long as you're in the lead generating "trenches," chances are you'll have DOZENS of opportunities over the next couple of months to 10x your ROI inside of Conversion U.



  • The Complete 9 Module Program  (Value: $2,400)

  • 30+ hours of live call reviews  (Value: $750)

  • 70+ hours of role-play sessions  (Value: $499)

  • 3 months of Live Coaching  (Value: $3000)

  • Private "Inner Circle" Facebook group  (Value: $200)

All pooling together to give you results-based mastery over EVERY aspect of lead generation and deal closing that matters.

Total Full Value Of Conversion University - $6,849


Pricing Per Person 

(subject to availability) 

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