Conversion University

Lead Conversion Mastery

Are you an ISA or Agent struggling to convert your own valuable leads?


Or are you a team leader of ISAs and Agents who are struggling to convert your valuable leads?


Is your accounting department breathing down your neck because your return on investment for all those expensive lead generation techniques the marketing department is running is costing you more than it’s making you?


Do you feel like they need sales training on language, scripting, and mindset techniques that have been tried, tested, and proven effective when applied properly?


Would you like to have your team trained on the same advanced sales techniques that are currently utilized by the top real estate teams in the country?



If you thought yes in your head to any of these questions, or even said yes out loud…you need to consider Smart Inside Sales’ sales training program for ISAs and Agents called Conversion University or “Conversion U.” for short.


Conversion U was created after nearly a decade of perfecting lead conversion techniques to stop wasting leads, handle objections more effectively, book more appointments and obtain closing skills that lead to more commission checks. 

Conversion U is a combination of self-paced video training and LIVE interactive expert coaching.


Our live sessions happen each week, at the same time, on video, in a small group environment for maximum impact.


Our expert trainers all have many years of converting leads themselves AND of successfully training and leading teams of ISAs and Agents.  


In our 50 minute live sessions, we feature a combination of teaching, roleplaying and reviewing real-life call recordings of our students.


No other company provides the level of intense interaction that we do.

Live Training Sessions:

  • Weekly 50 minute training sessions
  • Video environment for maximum effectiveness
  • Roleplay, Practice, & Call Recording Review
  • All Sessions Recorded
  • Practice with Trainer & ISAs/Agents across N. America
  • Small Group Environment

On-Demand Video Supplement:

  • 9 module training course
  • Full Script Manual
  • Printable office posters with prompts/scripts


The way you guys have boiled down objection handling to a science is spot on.

Rokrbox ISA Team

I require all of my agents to go through Conversion University as a key part of my 30-60-90 day onboarding plan.

Michael Bounds

CEO Thrive Real Estate

Let’s take a look at the on-demand portion of the Conversion U training videos:


We’ve designed this course into two parts, with the first one being titled Quick Start, rightfully so as these 5 modules contain the core knowledge necessary to get started making calls, connections, and setting appointments.

Module 1: Foundation

(In case you have a new hire with ZERO real estate experience)


In this module, we will set the foundation for your ISAs and Agents including their daily schedules, lead generation theories, lead types by buyers, sellers, renters, landlords and investors.


Module 2: Lead Assembly Line

The Lead Assembly Line module is essential for stopping the cycle of wasted leads and time. You will learn about lead generation metrics, dialers, leader generation tips, nurture requirements, and database management including tagging, timeframes, and automation. This particular section is applicable to most CRM programs on the market.


Module 3: Conversation Principles

You can’t convert a lead you can’t talk to and in this section, you will learn the mechanics of a call, how to prioritize your conversations, and a variety of scenario questions. While it is a shorter module, it is a vital one to your success. 


Module 4: Scripts

There will be a variety of lead source contacts you will speak with, including FSBOs, to buyers, sellers, expireds, Zillow, social media, and many others. Scripts allow you to be prepared for almost any conversation you will have. In this module, you will receive full downloadable scripts you can start applying that same day!


Module 5: Objection Handling 

Receiving an objection is inevitable but knowing how to follow the “NO” is critical to handling your objections. In this VERY important module, you will learn the PPO process and strategies for following the “NO” into a conversion.

While the video portion of Conversion University is self-paced, the true value lies in our weekly group training calls where you will review the material and apply it in role-playing and call review sessions. Your online course of Conversion U consists of not only group training, but scripts, video content, downloaded and quizzes to ensure you and your team members are maximizing your learning. 
If your sales team is looking to surpass your conversion rates and achieve your goals and then some, you need Conversion U in your arsenal of skills and cutting-edge techniques that the top teams in the country have already mastered and are applying to every lead they receive. If you want to be part of a top producing team that doesn’t waste their time and lose leads but leverages our unique and effective lead conversion techniques to blow the lid off their conversion rates, Join NOW.


C.U. has helped me create easy flowing conversations...better understand objections to best help me solve their issues and give them what they need.

Ryan Sherill

ISA The Edge Group

Conversion University has allowed me to get new hires (ISAs) on the phone in 2 weeks when it used to take a month.

Cain Cuninghame

Dir. Lead Gen. Atlantic Sotheby's Intl.

Meet Dale,

Founder, Smart Inside Sales

  • Former Lead Gen Director for Top 5 KW Expansion Team 

  • Averaged over $400MM in volume & over 600 units sold. 

  • Private thousand-$ an hour coach to top teams and brokers 

  • Public speaker with Lab Coat Agents

  • Featured author by Inman News and Realtor Magazine. 


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